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A Texas probate lawyer can help you with probating an estate, challenging or defending a will or trust, implementing a guardianship, or estate planning.  The term “probate” encompasses a lot of different services related to planning for death or disability, and the aftermath of death and disability.  Texas is a community property state.  Therefore, a Texas probate lawyer must be versed in community property law and its impact upon a surviving spouse and other survivors of the decedent.

Some of the services that the Texas probate lawyers on this site can help you with are:

  • Estate Planning:  A Texas probate lawyer can help you with your estate planning, to make sure that your assets are distributed the way that you would like after your passing, including informing you about the rights of adopted children and minor children in probate.  A Texas lawyer can also prepare a pet trust if you are concerned about your pet’s care after your passing.  See Can I Leave Assets to My Pet In Texas?
  • Securing Surviving Spouse Rights:  Surviving spouse rights in Texas include community property rights, homestead rights, exempt property, and intestate rights if decedent left no will.  Read Surviving Spouse Rights Texas to learn more about the basic rights to which a surviving spouse is entitled.  Some of these widow’s rights are not automatic, and require the hiring of a Texas probate lawyer to secure on your behalf.
  • Trust Administration:  If you are the trustee of a Texas trust, a Texas probate lawyer can help you make sure you are fulfilling your fiduciary obligations, so you do not end up the subject of trust litigation.
  • Trust Litigation:  Texas trust litigation often goes hand-in-hand with Texas probate litigation.  A Texas probate litigation attorney can also assist you with your trust litigation, whether you are the trustee or a beneficiary.  Read about Jury Trials In Texas Trust Actions.

Learn more about how situations like yours are addressed under Texas law by exploring our site, and find the the Texas probate lawyer that is right for you.

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