New York Probate Lawyer

A New York attorney practicing in the fields of probate, estates, and trusts will be equipped to guide you through the New York Surrogate’s Court.  The passing of a friend or relative can often leave loved ones in a state of confusion about sorting out the decedent’s affairs.  You might wonder if probate administration is necessary, or what to do if you have nominated to serve as executor in the will.

The attorneys on this site can assist you with many of your probate, estate, trusts, and guardianship needs in New York State, including:

  • Probate Administration: If you are a beneficiary of a New York estate, nominated as an executor in a New York resident’s will, or have any probate administration issue, a New York probate attorney well versed in the practices and procedures of New York Surrogate’s Court can make the probate administration process as smooth as possible. See Who Can Petition For Probate In New York and Ancillary Probate In New York.
  • Trust Administration: If you are the trustee of a New York Trust and need guidance to ensure that you are appropriately administering the trust, a New York probate and trust attorney can help you fulfill your obligations as trustee.
  • Trust Litigation: Just like wills, New York trusts are often challenged as invalid on the grounds of undue influence and lack of capacity.  Trustees are also accused of maladministration, and sometimes beneficiaries need their rights protected and pursued.


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