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An Ohio Probate lawyer can help you with a range of needs, from estate planning, probate, trust administration, inheritance litigation, and everything in between.


  • Estate Planning:  An Ohio estate planning lawyer can help you make a valid will under Ohio law, or revoke a will that no longer reflects your testamentary intentions.  Or, perhaps you need a complete set of estate planning documents, including a trust, durable power of attorney, and health care directives – you can find help for all of your estate planning needs here.



  • Trust Administration: An Ohio trust lawyer can oversee the administration of a trust to make sure that the terms of the trust are complied with and fiduciary obligations honored.


  • Probate and Trust Litigation:  Disputes often arise surrounding the validity of a will or trust, or the conduct of a fiduciary.  An Ohio probate and trust litigation attorney can help you navigate these disputes.


  • Securing Surviving Spouse Rights: An Ohio surviving spouse has rights and benefits under Ohio law including the right to an intestate share of the deceased spouse’s estate, an elective share, mansion house rights, and a spousal allowance.  An Ohio probate lawyer is a critical part of helping a surviving spouse secure these rights.


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