The Comprehensive Guide to Probate, Trusts, Estate Planning, and Inheritance Litigation

Probate Stars provides a platform for information seekers to connect with probate, trust, and guardianship lawyers in the appropriate county and state.

Everything You Need to Know

Estate Planning

Figure out the estate plan that makes the most sense for you, whether that is a will or a trust.

Federal Litigation

How to litigate an inheritance dispute in federal court: A quick summary.

Inheritance Litigation

Any legal contest that arises over a decedent’s assets can be characterized as inheritance litigation.


Probate is the court process through which assets of a deceased person are administered and distributed.

Spousal Rights

Each state provides surviving spouses with certain entitlements upon death. These rights can vary by state.


A fiduciary relationship where one party gives another party assets to hold for the benefit of beneficiaries.

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