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Approval of Settlements for Minors Wards and Guardians

When minors are the victims of a personal injury and seek to recover losses, Florida guardianship rules present the guidelines for approval of a settlement.  Once the amount to be received on behalf of the minor exceed $15,000, Florida guardianship law will require that a guardian be appointed to receive the recovery.  If the total amount of the settlement to be split among multiple parties exceeds $50,000, a guardian ad litem may be required for approval of the settlement. 

Court approval may also be required if the settlement amount exceeds certain thresholds. Likewise, if there are conflicts of interest among the different potential parties to the lawsuit, a guardian ad litem may be required.  Below is a link to the pdf guide for approval of settlements for minors, wards, and guardians.

Approval of Settlement for Minors and Guardians

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