Some probate lawyers will handle a will contest or trust dispute on a contingency basis.

The contingency fee is controlled in some states, in terms of limiting what percent of the recovery can be taken in fees.

Typically, fees will run from 30% of the recovery, up to 40%, depending on a number of factors, including the amount at issue, the complexity of the case, and the perceived chance of a successful outcome.

Some lawyers taking a case on a contingency basis will require the client to pay the costs of the litigation, such as expert witness fees and court reported costs.  In some instances, the lawyer will advance the costs of the case, taking reimbursement when there is a recovery.

Florida probate lawyer Jeffrey Skatoff handles probate & trust litigation on a contingency basis, throughout the State of Florida.  Not every case can qualify for contingency treatment, so call Mr. Skatoff to find out if your case can qualify. Learn more about hiring Mr. Skatoff on a contingency basis here